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- Hodges Farm Equipment

1280 Ray Road Fenton, Mi. 48430 Tel 810.629.6481 Fax 810.629.6484 . Designed and Maintained by Digital Transfer, Inc.

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Road Grader, Driveway Grader, Power Grader, Tractor Grader

To ensure your Land Plane will keep working hard season after season, we've been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations,

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Laser Land Leveling Precision Agriculture, SOIL4213

Laser Guided Land Leveling By rod mounted or equipment mounted receivers. Laser Land Leveling Author pamweder

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Land Leveling IRRI Rice Knowledge Bank

Cost of Land Leveling. The costs vary according to the topography, the shape of the field, and the equipment used. Cost ranges from $3 to $5 per 10 mm of soil moved/ha.

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Ragan Grading Terra-Track24

For land that was leveled some time ago and is now ready to be brought back to that precision-level condition again, the Terra-Trac24 is the perfect equipment for the

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Different techniques tried Land Levelling

Different techniques tried in Naigaon village of Gram If people became aware about increased yield due to increase in water level due to land leveling,

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Levelling Wikipedia

Levelling is the measurement of geodetic height using an optical levelling instrument and a level staff or rod having a Land levelling; Orthometric height

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